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      Esmeralda told of the stables, and the farms, and the sea; and his grace nodded his head and smiled at her enthusiasm; but he was not quite satisfied.

      It would be vain to deny that she was frightened; but she was not overcome by terror, and she was able to reason. It occurred to her that they did not mean to kill her, or they would have shot her long before this. It was not the first time she had been in danger; for in the rough and lawless camps which first dotted the wilds of Australia, life was not held of much account, and menand women, toowere often in peril of life and limb.

      No! she said.

      Esmeralda roused herself.

      Ill get it, said Ffoulkes. Got to wait on you hand and foot to-day, you know.



      She lifted her great eyes to him reproachfully.


      Despicable, she filled in. I know it. Do you think I dont feel itthat I dont know that I am earning your contempt? Thats a womans portion when she sacrifices herself for the man she You would have thought more highly of me if I had made a sceneloaded you with reproaches, and cut you for the rest of my life. Most women would have acted thus; but it is my ill-fortune to care for you, not wisely, but too well.